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Lorcana Challenge Test Tournament
Monday 20 May 2024
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Outpost Antwerp

Illumineers! The biggest Lorcana tournament ever is just around the corner! The Challenge in Lille/Rijsel!


For this special occasion, Outpost Antwerp is organizing a test tournament with the same rules as the Lorcana Challenge! This means Swiss rounds with the new “2 game format”! You will play 2 games against your opponent in each round. Both players will go first once and second once. Only sets 1 to 3 will be legal for deck building, so you CANNOT use the new cards from set 4 “Ursula’s Return” yet.

The number of rounds will be calculated based on the number of players, and for each player, 2 boosters will go to the top. Starting from 26 players, the prize pool will be large enough for a complete booster display of the new set for the winner.


Entry Fee: €15, which includes 2 boosters from Ursula’s Return.
Format: “2 game format” Swiss followed by best of 3 single elimination.


Everyone is welcome!


This tournament is a great opportunity to:


- Test your Lorcana skills

- Prepare for the Lorcana Challenge in Lille/Rijsel

- Meet new players

- Have fun with the game