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Time Wizard April 2010 Format
Yu Gi Oh
Sunday 19 May 2024
Ends around
Outpost Antwerp

Step back in time and prepare for an epic clash at our Time Wizard April 2010 Edition tournament!


For an entry fee of just €8, every participant will receive 2 booster packs – 1 core set and 1 OTS pack (if available). This is not just a fun throwback, it's a fantastic opportunity to grow your Yu-Gi-Oh! card collection!


The competition will run in line with the card legality rules for the SJC Edison in April 2010, making it a unique and authentic duel experience. Brush up on the April 2010 rules, dust off your classic deck and get ready for some retro duelling action!


The event will be structured in Swiss rounds, ensuring a fair playing field with no top cut. What's more, for each player participating, 1 booster pack will be added to the prize pool for the top players.


Whether you're an old-school player looking to relive the glory days or a new duelist curious about the early metagame, this Time Wizard event is perfect for you. So come along, bring your best deck from yesteryears, and get ready for some classic duelling action!