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Outpost 25th Celebration Friday Night Magic: Chaos Draft
Friday 25 November 2022
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Outpost Antwerp

To kick off our Outpost 25th Celebration Magic the Gathering Weekend, we'll organize a special Friday Night Magic Chaos Draft!


Entry Fee: 25€


An overview of the 24 Boosters in every pod:


- Kaldheim Booster
- Oath of the Gatewatch Booster
- Timespiral Remastered Booster
- Midnight Hunt Booster
- Core Set 2020 Booster
- Modern Horizons II Booster
- Commander Legends Booster
- Innistrad Crimson Vow Booster
- Zendikar Rising Booster
- Return to Ravnica Booster
- Amonkhet Booster
- Nemesis Booster
- Battlebond Booster
- Mystery Booster
- Masters 25 Booster
- Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Booster
- Commander Legends, Battle of Baldur's Gate Booster
- Eldritch Moon Booster
- Strixhaven Booster
- Aether Revolt Booster
- Portal Second Age Booster
- Conspiracy Booster
- Streets of New Capenna Booster

- One Booster filled with promo's prepped by us



Prize Support (per pod of 8 players)


1st: Outpost Foil Promo Pack (5 cards) + 2 Brothers War Set Boosters + Ultra Pro Deckbox & Sleeves

2nd: Outpost Foil Promo Pack (5 cards) + Brothers War Set Booster

3rd/4th: Outpost Foil Promo Pack (5 cards)


We'll be capping this tournament on a maximum of 40 players (5 pods).


Every 25th Celebration Tournament we"ll be raffling two Secret Lair Boxes amongst all participants. That means two boxes for the entire Chaos Draft (all pods).


Every 25th Celebration Tournament we"ll be raffling a Magic The Gathering 30th Anniversary Booster Pack ! Time to grab that Black lotus boys & girls!


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