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YGO Pre-Nationals Half Case Tournament
Yu Gi Oh
Sunday 22 May 2022
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Outpost Antwerp
Outpost announces the YGO Pre-Nationals Half Case Tournament!
22th of May is a special date because it's the first weekend that Dimension Force will be legal and it's the weekend before Belgian Nationals! That's why we want to give all players a chance to test their decks a final time before Nationals and with such a big prize pool, it should be easier to get your hands on the last cards you need! We hope to see many of you for this special event!
Registration start: 12:00
Tournament Start: 12:30
Entry Fee: €20
Prize Support:
Every player will get 2 OTS Packs and 3 boosters of Dimension Force for participation.
Top gets the following prizes based on the amount of participants.
Prize Pool 17-32 Participants:
1st Place: A display of Dimension Force
2nd Place: 6 boosters
3rd-4th Place: 3 boosters
Prize Pool 33-64 Participants:
1st Place: 36 boosters (1 display and 12 boosters)
2nd Place: 10 boosters
3rd-4th Place: 4 boosters
5th-8th Place: 2 boosters

Prize Pool 65+ Participants
1st Place: Half a Case of Dimension Force (6 displays/144 Boosters)
2nd Place: Box of Dimension Force (24 boosters)
3rd-4th Place: 6 boosters
5th-8th Place: 3 boosters
This event we'll use pre-registrations and Decklists are required. To pre-reg and for any further questions, send a mail to