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Streets of New Capenna Afternoon Prerelease
Saturday 23 April 2022
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Outpost Brussels

Come and join us in the new Streets of New Capenna Prerelease Events!


It takes place on the art deco noir metropolis of New Capenna. Formerly, New Capenna was a city originally built by angels — but it's now ruled by five Demon crime families battling it out for control. New Capenna is a place of great importance to Elspeth Tirel, with Ob Nixilis being involved with one of the crime families on the plane. The names of the five families were revealed, all of which are in three colors.


You will receive a prerelease kit of the one of the 5 Families featuring:
- 5 Streets of New Capenna Draft Boosters
- 1 Family Booster
- 1 foil-stamped card from Streets of New Capenna of card rarity rare or higher
- 1 deck box
- 1 Spindown life counter


Here is the full list of our Prereleases:


* Friday :
19h00 : Sealed Deck – 4 rounds


* Saturday :
12h00 : Sealed Deck – 4 rounds
16h00 : 2HG Sealed Deck – 4 rounds
18h00 : Sealed Deck – 4 rounds


* Sunday :
12h00 : 2HG Sealed Deck – 4 rounds
18h00 : Sealed Deck – 4 rounds




1 Set Booster per Match WON and 2 Set Boosters for the 2 HG per Match WON