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Outpost Brawl: Teamfight Tactics
Saturday 8 February 2020
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Outpost Ghent
Welcome to the first edition of the Outpost Brawl! The monthly event where Outposts collide and Ghent goes head to head with Antwerp to see who can claim this month's title of brawl champion!
This month's game: Teamfight Tactics
The player limit is set at 12 participants / location.
Be sure to set yourself to going so that we can have an idea about how many people to expect. If the amount of people interested in the event is higher than the available slots, we'll open registrations so that you can reserve a spot.
Point stage
All 12 players at a location will be randomly devided into groups of 4. These groups will play 1 game against each of the opposing location's groups. (3 games in total)
The winner of a game will get 5 points, 2nd place 3 points, 3rd place 2 points and 4th place 1 point.
The 8 players with the highest point count will enter the finals. These finals consist of 3 games and will use the same point system as before. The person with the most points after these finals will be declaired the Outpost champion for that month!
Entree fee: €5
For this price you get to participate in the tournament AND use the PCs till the end of the event. That means even if you don't make it into the finals, you still get to keep playing until everything is over and done.
Of course there will also be prizes to win!
Every participant of the victorious location will be granted 1 hour of game time that can be claimed whenever they want. The big winner (Player or Team, depending on the game played) not only gets to be on the wall of fame as that month's Outpost champion, but also gets a voucher for a full day of game time on our computers.
Who will win? Ghent or Anwerp? You decide!