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Smash Odyssey: Antwerp 4
Saturday 9 November 2019
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Outpost Antwerp

  • 11:15: Venue opens (Venue is open from 10:00 but TO may not be available until 11:15)

  • 12:00: On-site signups close* + Final check-in (Doubles)

  • 12:30: Ultimate Doubles start

  • 13:45: Final check-in (Singles)

  • 14:15: Ultimate Singles start

  • 14:45: Estimated end Ultimate Doubles

  • 20:30: Estimated end of Ultimate Singles

  • 21:00: Official closing of event (Teardown)

  • Venue stays open until 04:00.

Schedule liable to change with attendance numbers.

* On-site signups are only accepted if there are less than 32 attendees. Signups can extend later in case of technical issues, as long as you signed in before the closing time this is accepted.


Registration happens right here! Payment is possible via bank transfer, Paypal or on location. The price consists of a venue fee and event fees (for the events you participate in):

  • A venue fee: € 5,- (online) OR € 8,- (on-site). This includes 1 free drink (up to €2). PayPal includes a small processing fee.

  • Event fees:

    • Ultimate singles: € 5 (Prize pool contribution)

    • Ultimate doubles: € 5 / player (Prize pool contribution)


For bank transfer please include a comment with: "Odyssey Antwerp " (For example: "Odyssey Antwerp - rice" or "Odyssey Antwerp - Kevin T."). The account number is BE42 7360 5673 4354.

Participant cap

There are registration caps for each event. Currently these are:

  • Ultimate singles: 64 players

  • Ultimate doubles: 32 players (16 teams)

If we reach the limit for an event it may be possible to extend this, please check the Discord for news.

Additionally, there is a global registration cap of 80 attendees.

Venue rules

We are hosted by the excellent people at Outpost Antwerp. Some quick rules:

  • Only drinks from the venue are allowed inside.

  • Food from outside is allowed inside, there is room in the venue to eat in peace.

  • Do keep it clean!

See below for the address and how to get here.


Any setups you can bring (Switch + Dock + DLC and optionally a Gamecube Adapter) would be greatly appreciated! We provide switch locks + padlocks to secure them.

If possible, please notify us in Discord (@RiceKab#6942) if you're doing so to help our planning.

More info and registration: