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X-Wing Hyperspace Trial S2
Saturday 16 November 2019
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Outpost Ghent

Outpost Gent is proud to host its very first Hyperspace trial!
We will be using a wave 2 kit, including the new pilot cards and tokens!
Doors open at 11h00, event start at 12h00
entry: 18 euro


Squadlist mandatory! 1 copy for your opponent and 1 for your TO. Hyperspace legal lists only.

Please sign up through the T3 event here:


Payment can be made on site, and the venue now accepts all cards, foreign and visa.

Tournament structure will follow the advanced structure, with a lunch break after round 2. Number of rounds and top cut is dependent on the final number of players. REL is Formal tier.

Outpost requests that you do not bring your own drinks, but own food is allowed. There are snacks and drinks available at the bar all day, and plenty of food options nearby the venue.

We also ask that anyone with a playmat to spare brings it along, as the venue is not able to supply enough mats for all players. Thank you!


Prizes are doubling up, as there are TWO prizes each for the top 64, 32 and top 16, with further prizing for the top 8, top 4, top 2 and champion!

Top 64 gets alternate art copies of two pilot cards: Boba Fett and Corran Horn. We will hand out extra copies as long as supplies last.

Top 32 receives a plastic copy of the Stealth Device upgrade card, as well as a set of five evade tokens. We'll be handing out extra copies of the cards and parsing out any extra sets of tokens as long as supplies last!

Top 16 wins a set of Hyperspace qualifier dice in black, with four attack dice in a red finish and four defense dice in a green finish. Top 16 als wins a full set of range rules, with a range 3, range 2 and range 1 ruler!

Top 8 wins a full set of maneuver templates, with the second edition updates lines and hashmarks.

Top 4 wins a handsome cardbinder, featuring the First Order's menacing special forces TIE fighter!

The champion and runner-up both walk away with a plastic copy of the Republic's brand new ace Ric OliƩ!

And finally, the champion can show off their awesome achievment with a beautiful trophy, forever commemorating their Hyperspace victory!


In addition to these cool prizes, every player over 16 adds the full amount of their entry ticket into X-Wing ships from the store, which we will raffle during the tournament!