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Star Wars Destiny Regional
Sunday 7 January 2018
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Outpost Ghent

Outpost Ghent is hosting a Star Wars: Destiny regional event!


When: Sunday, 7th pof january 2018
Doors: 11h00 – Start: 13h00
Where: Outpost Gent, Ottergemsesteenweg 13
Entry: 15 euro


Tournament structure :
25-40 players - 6 rounds, top 8 cut
41-76 players - 7 rounds, top 8 cut
Swiss rounds are single match rounds and 35 minutes each.
Single elimination rounds are best-of-three matches, 90 minutes each except the final match 120 minutes.


The regional champion wins a trophy and a reserved seat and a bye at a 2018 national championship.
Top 4 wins a plastic full art version of Grand Admiral Thrawn, to plan your master strategies in style.
Top 8 takes home a beautiful playmat featuring Rey and Kylo Ren inspired by episode VIII: The Last Jedi.
Top 16 wins acryllic clear damage tokens, in a full set of 1 damage and 3 damage tokens.
Top 64 receives an alternate art Patience card.

There will also be side event drafts, depending on availability of product:

Legacies draft with a Rivals set and 6 Legacies boosters if Legacies is already released (as long as supplies last)

Year One draft with a Rivals set, 2 boosters Awakenings, 2 boosters Spirit of Rebellion, 2 boosters Empire at War (as long as supplies last)


It will be possible to aqcuire a Rivals set or bring your own. Personal sets will have to be checked before participation in the event. Boosters must be purchased at Outpost Gent for participation in the side events.
Prizes for the side events will be alternate art cards from previous Star Wars: Destiny events.