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Yu Gi Oh OPC Rules



1) Introduction


Starting July 1st, Outpost will be running a ranking system for Yu Gi Oh. The concept is simple: Play tournaments in outpost, and if you end up at the top end of the rankings at the end of a period, you will be receiving some extra prizes.
Whenever you play in any of the specified Yu Gi Oh tournament in Outpost, you automatically gain ranking points for the current season in that Outpost. Each season will last three months, at the end of which additional prizes will be awarded to the top 10 players for each of our Outpost shops. Check below to see which tournaments will count for your ranking.


2) Points


Each time you play in an eligible tournament, you will gain ranking points depending on the number of participants, and your standing in said tournament. In addition, you gain 3 bonus points each time you play in such a tournament. This means that if you end up first in a tournament with 30 people, you will gain 30 + 3 = 33 points, whereas if you were last, you would get 1 + 3 = 4 points. Bring your friends, since the more people come, the more points can be earned !

There is a ranking for each Outpost gamecenter, and your points will count for the ranking where the tournament was played.


3) Seasons


The Yu Gi Oh ranking works with seasons that last 3 months. A new season begins on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st. At the end of each season, prizes are awarded to the top players for each Outpost. You can check the final ranking for the previous season on the ranking pages. Take into account that it can take a few days for us to process all tournaments, and we will announce on our website when the results for the concluded season are final !


4) Prizes


After a season has concluded, the top 10 players in each Outpost, will be granted the following prizes:


1 12 boosters, Outpost Champion Playmat
2 8 boosters
3 5 boosters
4 3 boosters
5 2 boosters
6-10 1 booster


In case of a tie, prizes are split between those players.


5) Which tournaments count


All Yu Gi Oh tournaments organized in Outpost gamecenters will be eligible for the ranking, except national tournaments like World Championship Qualifiers, Nationals Qualifiers, etcetera.