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OPC Explained




This article will cover everything you need to know about our new Ranking system. This means we'll be talking about Seasons, gaining Rank, calculating your Ranking Points, the different leaderboards between the various Gamecenters and most importantly: the DCI-Outpost Account Link. Lastly we'll lightly touch on the subjects of Outpost Points and Rewards and how they relate to your rank. 




A Season is a period of several months that's closely tied to the release of Magic Expansions. A Season will commence on the Monday before the prerelease of a Magic set and ends on the Sunday before the prerelease of the next Magic set. During this time all single player tournaments you play in an Outpost help you improve your ranking for that particular Gamecenter. Seasons are named after the then running expansion.


As an example we'll take our very first Season called 'Eldritch Moon' which began on Monday, July 11 and ended on Sunday, September 18.


After this (so the very next Monday after September 18) the next Season called "Kaladesh" commenced and so on.


The date and duration of each Season will be announced by us well in advance.


Gaining Rank and calculating Ranking Points


Your position on our leaderboards is called your Rank. Rank is determined by a formula which uses a value called 'Ranking Points'. These points are solely used for calculating Rank and nothing else.


Ranking points are calculated per individual tournament according to this formula:


Ranking Points = [Your Swiss Points] + [1 Participation point] + [3 points for winning a playoff match]


Your grand total of Ranking Points (which determine your final Rank) are merely the sum of your best 10 tournaments.


For example: Say that you have already played 10 times, and earned 150 Ranking Points. In your worst of these 10 tournaments you earned only 3 points. You now play at an 11th event in which you do very well and you gain 15 Ranking Points for it. This means that your 3 point-tournament is discarded, and your 15 point tournament counts, so you now have 162 (150 + 15 – 3) Ranking Points. Alternatively, if you did really poorly and only scored 1 point at this new tournament, you would still maintain your 150 Ranking Points.


This has several benefits. Ranking points can only go up. You lose nothing by playing more. In fact this is encouraged since all your sweet plays count and less succesful ones don't. Furthermore 'grinding' Ranking Points is impossible.


You can earn Ranking Points for every form of Magic Organised Play (such as drafts, sealed deck, constructed deck, etc) EXCEPT Commander and Multiplayer.

You can find your accumulated Ranking Points and current Rank on our Ranking Page on the Outpost Website. In the future this information will be gathered on your account profile.


Seperate Rankings


When we talk about rank we have to note that there are seperate leaderboards for each individual Gamecenter. Hence your rank is specific to the area you play in. For example: gamers from Brussels will never compete against those in Ghent. It also means there are three seperate prize pools, again one for each gamecenter.


This does not stop you from participating in two or all three locations however. If you like to play in multiple Outposts there is nothing preventing you from doing so. In fact you will gain Rank for each (seperately!).


Rank and Outpost Points


In order to understand the rewards linked to your rank we briefly have to discuss Outpost Points [OPs]. OPs are a new currency used to buy physical rewards (boosters, etc) Where in the past you would have gotten these rewards directly you will now be able to "buy" them using this new currency. At the end of a Season we will distribute three large prize pools (one for each Gamecenter) across the ranks. Obviously 1st place will get most, 2nd place a little less, 3rd place even less than that and so on.


The exact amount of Outpost Points in our prize pool is dynamic and determined by the total amount of participants across all tournaments that Season. Thus the more people come to play the more everyone will earn. This means that achieving the same rank across multiple Seasons may not guarantee the same amount of Outpost Points.


It's important to note that although at the end of a Season rank will be reset for the next you will never lose any accumulated Outpost Points. Say you want to hang on to them until the end of the year to see how high you can get? You can do so without consequence. The only way your Outpost Points will ever reduce is if you trade them in for rewards!


(If you want more information on the exact internal workings of OP's and Rank you can find everything you need in our original announcement article here.)


Type of Rewards


Sometime after the Season has ended you can exchange your collected Outpost Points for physical rewards. These can be one of three things.


- Booster pack : 200 OPs.
- Constructed coupon : 300 OPs.
- Draft coupon : 600 Ops.


In the case of boosters you can choose between a booster of either the current or upcoming set.


DCI-Number and Outpost-Account Link


In order to make use of the new Ranking and Rewards system we'd like you to please link your DCI number with your Outpost Website User Account and select which of the three available rewards you'd like to recieve. If you choose not to link your account it will NOT prevent you from gaining Outpost Points or Ranking Points, but you cannot claim any associated rewards until you link your DCI number.


In order to link your DCI number with your website account you will need to visit one of our gamecenters. Once our staff has made the connection for you, you will be required to log in to the website using your account and select which reward you'd like to recieve.


That's it you're done!


Well that was a huge chunk of text wasn't it? However you should know everything there is on our new system of Ranking and Rewards and how it pertains to Magic: The Gathering. If you did read everything: Congratulations! Consider the achievement 'Ranking Expertise' unlocked!