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Outpost Ghent is on the edges of the student quarter, with popular spots like the SMAK, het Kuipke and the Overpoorstraat just around the corner. Those of you who come by car will be happy to know that Outpost Ghent is only a few hundred meters from both the E17 and the E40 exits. If you come by train, get off at Sint-Pieters. After that its a ten-minute walk up till our doorstep.
Outpost Ghent opening hours
Monday: 11h00 to 0h00
Tuesday: 11h00 to 01h00
Wednesday: 11h00 to 01h00
Thursday: 11h00 to 01h00
Friday: 11h00 to 02h00
Saturday: 11h00 to 01h00
Sunday: 11h00 to 00h00
Outpost Ghent
Ottergemsesteenweg 13
9000 Ghent
+32 (0)9 245 44 84