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Weekly Boardgame Update

This Board Game Update contains Rick and Morty Shenanigans, Geishas, Murderous AI, and agriculture. If only there was a game that included all these things at once!

Netrunner National Championships in Outpost Antwerp

Outpost is proud, and a little sad, to announce the final officially supported Belgian National Championship for Android: Netrunner. The event will last three days starting on Friday, September 21st.

Community Day: Steam Games

With our sixth edition we're casting a pretty wide net with the theme of Steam Games! What sort of games does our community like to play? We want to know!

Magic the Gathering Belgian Championship: Update

Here's an update on the Belgian National Championship for Magic: The Gathering.

Community Day: League of Legends

Welcome to the fifth iteration of our Community Day initiative! The game in question this week? League of Legends!

Announcing the Magic the Gathering Belgian Championship

Outpost is proud to play host to the Belgium National Championship 2018, Which will take place on Saturday September 8th.

Community Day: Blizzard Games

Welcome to the fourth edition of our Community Day initiative! What game are we playing this week? A bunch! As we're diving head first into Blizzard games!

Proximus Esports Events in Outpost

Proximus goes esports! In honour of their new esports television channel they're holding several events across our three Outposts!

August Sales Promotions

Some great new promotions this month involving trains, feudal societies, and murderous mushrooms!

YGO World Championship Celebration Events in Outpost

The very best of the world's duelists are coming together for absolute glory in Yu-Gi-Oh's world championships. Where are they doing this? None other than Japan, land of the rising sun, animé, and cute monsters that may or may not be used in a (card) game.

Battle for Azeroth Release All-Nighter

War is brewing and the inevitable conflict between the Horde and the Alliance is nearing. Both factions are welcome to start their journeys throughout the night of August 13th to 14th with us as Outpost will remain neutr ... Ah screw it, FOR THE HORDE!!

City League for CS:GO Goes Live!

Reintroducing the City League Project! Preseason is over and their first season has begun! The game of choice? Counterstrike: Global Offensive!

Celestial Storm Prereleases in all Outposts

Join us these next two weekends for the extended prerelease of the latest Pokémon set: Celestial Storm!

Cybernetic Horizon Sneak Peeks in all Outposts

This weekend experience the very first games played with the latest Yu-Gi-Oh set: Cybernetic Horizons!

Core Set Release Events in all Outposts

The latest Magic release is almost upon us with Core Set 2019! Come to any Outpost during the weekend of July 14th/15th and win some goodies!

Bring a friend and play for free!

Friendship: it is the foundation Outpost is built upon. (That and actual solid concrete.) Which is why, for the entirety of Summer, we're launching our new "Bring a Friend"-program!

July Sales Promotions

This month dark forces are rallying and whether they're simple French murderers or Eldritch Horrors from the beyond these discounted games are sure to bring a little darkness to your game nights!

CS:GO Community Day in Outpost Antwerp

Welcome to our second Community Day (things are going so fast). The game we're building around this time? Counterstrike: Global Offensive!

Core Set 2019 Prereleases in all Outposts

Core Set 2019 is the newest addition to the MTG family. You can soon play this villain-centric set for the very first time during our prereleases this weekend!

Outpost Joins the Pathfinder Playtest

Paizo needs our help! This is an opportunity for fans to join the evolution and give constructive feedback on their massive new project: The Second Edition of Pathfinder!