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Hearthstone Gathering in Outpost Antwerp

Well met! Come inside and warm yourself by the fire(side gathering) this Saturday the 21st in Outpost Antwerp and consecutively on Wednesday the 25th!

Forbidden Light Prerelease in all Outposts

We're kicking it up a notch with the Pokémon prerelease from the latest set: Forbidden Light! Now in all Outposts in the weekend of the 21st of April.

Weekly Boardgame Update

After a short visit to the planet of the apes and the strangeness of the carnival faire, we're offering nothing but heavy adventuring games! Those dragons don't stand a chance!

City League Roundup!

The very first (testing) season for the City League has come and gone. Enemies were crushed, pizza was consumed, but what were the overall scores like for our Overwatch teams?

Dominaria Prereleases in all Outposts

Return to the plane where it all began. Dominaria! The 78th Magic expansion and the subject of our prerelease weekend in all Outposts!

Pokémon League Cup in Outpost Antwerp

Prepare for trouble ... and make it double. For another Pokémon league will commence this Sunday the 15th in Outpost Antwerp.

Dominaria Open House in all Outposts

Enter our Dominaria Open House where we say goodbye to the Ixalan sets and wholeheartedly greet the next exciting release.

Weekly Boardgame Update

Various new games this week including veggie games, post-apocalyptic fantasy games, and a Legion expansion!

Outpost on Facts!

It's one of the geekiest times in the year where we totally lose it, get con plague, and end up with empty wallets ... It's FACTS time!

April Sales Promotions

Enjoy our selection of truly awesome April Sales!

Yugi & Kaiba Collector Box and Star Pack: Vrains released!

Today we're releasing two brand new YGO products: Star Pack VRAINS and the Yugi & Kaiba Collector Box.

Circus E-sports Tour: Antwerp League of Legends Qualifier

We started our Circus E-sport tour adventure at Made in Asia. Now it's time to continue on the 14th of April with our LoL qualifier!

Preorder your Dominaria display to pick up at the Prerelease!

Buy a complete booster display before or during Dominaria's Prerelease weekend and take it home with you a week early! What a deal!

White Goblin Games will visit Boardnado in Outpost Antwerp!

White Goblin Games is visiting Boardnado! Join us and the Goblins this Saturday for a thorough review of Altiplano and Orléans.

Rivals of Ixalan Store Championships in all Outposts

Dominaria is coming and Rivals of Ixalan is ending. Prepare for the transition by participating in our Store Championships! Now in all Outposts.

Weekly Boardgame Update

This week is the release of Star Wars: Legion! Woohoo!

Outpost Antwerp is looking for a Legion Ambassador

The conflict between the Empire and the Rebellion is heating up in Fantasy Flight's newest game: Star Wars Legion! To oversee and direct the war we need a Legion Ambassador. So send in your applications!

City League Update

Here follows the after-action report of the first two weeks of the Outpost City League.

Masters 25 Release Events in all Outposts

With Masters 25 looming on the horizon we're naturally holding a ton of events at its release.

Weekly Boardgame Update

This week you can be both an interstellar commander, a Native American chieftain or you can battle as a hero in the arena!