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MTG - Black Friday Promotion in all Outposts

Do you like dinosaurs? Do you like magic? Do you like Dino-sized treasure for buying Magic on Black Friday? If the answer to all this is 'HELL YES' then we have the deal for you!

Black Friday through Cyber Monday Epic Card Sale

Hang on to your hats folks, because this is a big one: Enjoy 20% off on Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic single cards starting from Black Friday through Cyber Monday!

Tobi Henriet wereldkampioen Final Fantasy TCG

After two days of grueling battles our very own Tobi Henriet fought his way to the very top of the Final Fantasy TCG World Championship and took home all the booze!

Weekly Boardgame Update

Five new boardgames have graced Outpost Antwerp. Come check it out!

Koopjesdag in Outpost Antwerpen

Saturday 25th will be a day of rare opportunity for everyone visiting Outpost Antwerp as we're doing a huge sale on host of various items. Come see, perhaps you'll find yourself a bargain!

November Sales Promotions

It's time for sales! Enjoy slashed prices on the following products throughout November!

Iconic Masters Release Events in Outpost

Iconic Masters is finally here! Prepare to draft, draft, and draft again the weekend of November 17th across the Outposts.

Weekly Boardgame Update

A slew of various board games this week. From Crime, to Sci-Fi, to Ghostbusting. There's something for everyone!

Hearthstone Fireside Gathering in Outpost Antwerp

It's happening! After a succesful tryout in Ghent, we're now bringing Hearthstone Fireside Gatherings to Outpost Antwerp!

Try out Assassin's Creed Origins in Outpost for free!

The Brotherhood of Assassins' Origins date back millennia. On Saturday the 4th of November you can enter the animus and experience these beginnings yourself across the Outposts, entirely free of charge of course!

X-Wing Nationals in Ghent

Start your engines, get in your cockpit, bring your droid if you have one, because the X-Wing Belgian Nationals are about to begin!

Weekly Boardgame Update

After last week's large update we need to catch our breaths with a smaller one. However: that does not mean there aren't any impressive titles this week!

Pokémon: Crimson Invasion - Available Now

The portals have opened and the invasion has begun! Will Silvally-GX (and friends) triumph against the extraterrestrial invaders? Or will Alola fall prey to the ravenous Ultra Beasts?

Weekly Boardgame Update

This week's BGU introduces a LOT of new items, fourteen in total! Jackpot!

Legend of the Five Rings: Organized Play in Outpost

Legend of the Five Rings is the hottest new living card game to come off the Fantasy Flight presses. Do we want to get in on all the sweet events FF is planning? You bet we do!

Duel Deck: Merfolk vs Goblins preorder

Two classic tribes, two opposing colours are battling it out in a new, epic duel deck. On November 10th make ready for Goblins vs. Merfolk!

Dino Sized Magic Events in Outpost

Do you feel those tremors? Do you hear the roaring in the distance? It's the Dino-sized Magic events on a rampage! Run for your lives!

Weekly Boardgame Update

This week an absolutely awesome update that includes: Harry Potter, Star Wars, the largest Axis & Allies box ever, and more!

Explorers of Ixalan Preorder

Introducing Explorers of Ixalan: a bold merger between multiplayer Magic the Gathering and boardgames. Can life get any better than this?

YGO World Championship Qualifier in Outpost Brussels

Outpost Brussels is proud to host the Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship Qualifier: an event that takes the very best of players and allows them to compete on a global scale! Even if you do not win a coveted WCQ invite there are plenty of insane rewards to be won.