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Outpost Board Game Update

This Update we'll pitch some great movie ideas, assemble glass panes, save New York from crime, and guard against zombies. Because no board game update is complete without zombies!

Ultimate Masters Launch Events in Outpost

Prepare your decks as this weekend, December 7-9th, we're holding some pretty cool events in honor of the latest Magic set: Ultimate Masters.

December Sales Promotions

This month we have for you: Carnivals, the Founding of Gloomhaven, and potential global nuclear incineration!

Outpost Board Game Update

This week we have Scarabology, Deadpool, Self-terraforming Planets, and the board game edition of a WoW Raid!

Outpost Board Game Update

In this edition of our Board Game Update you survive perilous lands and haunted houses while you hunt for knowledge and create the loveliest settlements.

Black Friday 'till Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving is over. The global turkey population has taken a massive hit. People everywhere have once again survived meeting their families (usually that one loud uncle who drinks too much). So what do we do now? Go shopping of course!

Boardnado Armada Launch Event

Catch up on some history as we set sail for the 7 Wonders of the World with an all new expansion for one of Boardnado's most popular games! You know the one I'm talking about, right?

Keyforge Launch Events

The gauntlet has been thrown. Numerous Archons have battled across the crucible in order to acquire precious knowledge. But the battle is far from over. Join the fight in any Outpost this weekend when we officially launch the game!

Clash of the Clubs: The Interim Score

Our Clash of the Clubs promotion has reached its halfway point. As the struggle to obtain our sponsorship intensifies it might be interesting to see where everyone stands on the ladder to success.

Keyforge Pre-Launch Event

This weekend the Archons will rise and take the knowledge that is rightfully theirs! Battle across the face of Crucible for the very first time during our Pre-Launch event for Keyforge: Call of the Archons!

Outpost Hearthstone Cup: Wrap-Up

Have a cookie as we recap the events that took place on October 27th when we held the very first Hearthstone Cup in Outpost Ghent!

November Sales Promotions

Whether you're trying to speak subtly or violently murder a group of aristocrats Outpost has you covered with our new November sales!

Come and try out Assassin's Creed: Odyssey in Outpost

From the 1st up to and including the 4th of November, when you ask someone at the bar, you can play Ubisoft's latest game 'Assassin's Creed: Odyssey' both in Antwerp and Ghent on our mighty rigs for free for an hour.

New Games on the Outpost PCs

Four new games have been installed on our mighty nuclear gaming rigs. Go check them out!

Magic the Gathering: Arena - Intro Event

Welcome to our Magic The Gathering: Arena – Intro event!

Dungeons & Dragons: Halloween Edition

Hallow's Eve is coming up and the D&D Shadow Council has something truly awesome planned for Wednesday 31st. Fill out the form, prepare your character, and immersive yourself in the madness that is to come!

Lost Thunder Prereleases in Outpost!

The latest set for Pokémon has arrived and Outpost is organising two prerelease weekends to celebrate it!

Outpost Ghent Hearthstone Cup

Hearthstone is making waves in Outpost Ghent as they are busy organizing the biggest organized play event we've ever held for Hearthstone in an Outpost: The Hearthstone Cup!

Clash of the Clubs - Student Promotion

Outpost is challenging the various student organizations of Antwerp and Ghent! Accrue points for your club throughout October/November and win an amazing sponsorship that lasts throughout the academic year!

Outpost is looking for Keyforge Ambassadors

Outpost is looking for an "ambassador" to help set up KeyForge tournaments in Outpost. Think you're the person we're searching for? Then read on!