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Dungeons & Dragons: Halloween Edition

Hallow's Eve is coming up and the D&D Shadow Council has something truly awesome planned for Wednesday 31st. Fill out the form, prepare your character, and immersive yourself in the madness that is to come!

Lost Thunder Prereleases in Outpost!

The latest set for Pokémon has arrived and Outpost is organising two prerelease weekends to celebrate it!

Outpost Ghent Hearthstone Cup

Hearthstone is making waves in Outpost Ghent as they are busy organizing the biggest organized play event we've ever held for Hearthstone in an Outpost: The Hearthstone Cup!

Clash of the Clubs - Student Promotion

Outpost is challenging the various student organizations of Antwerp and Ghent! Accrue points for your club throughout October/November and win an amazing sponsorship that lasts throughout the academic year!

Outpost is looking for Keyforge Ambassadors

Outpost is looking for an "ambassador" to help set up KeyForge tournaments in Outpost. Think you're the person we're searching for? Then read on!

Soul Fusion Sneak Peeks in all Outposts

This weekend you can join us in any Outpost to take a sneak peek at Yu-Gi-Oh's latest set: Soul Fusion.

Kayzr Doubles your points when playing in Outpost

Outpost is collaborating with Kayzr to not only give you free stuff, but TWICE the amount of free stuff!

Pokémon Cup in Outpost Antwerp

This Sunday, October 7th, players from across Belgium will fight for what they've been training for all their lives. The chance at a Pokémon Cup title!

Guilds of Ravnica Release Events in all Outposts

The release of Guilds of Ravnica will take place this weekend. Gather at your favourite Outpost for events to celebrate this latest Magic set!

October Sales Promotions

It's time for more promotions! Let's review the three epic games currently on sale and realize the strange similarities between Hitler, vicious monsters, and bad dates.

Outpost at FACTS this weekend!

FACTS (or Fantasy, Animation, Comics, Toys, & Science Fiction) is a huge convention that brings in people from all over. Of course Outpost will be there!

Do you have what it takes to join our Outpost teams?

Outpost needs YOU! Are you an avid gamer? Do you love playing on our mighty rigs? Is Jaina your Hearthstone crush? Then don't wait another minute and join one of our Outpost teams!

Pick up your Guilds of Ravnica displays at the Prerelease!

Guilds of Ravnica is coming and that means exciting prerelease events! On top of that GoR display boxes are available for purchase during that time and will net you a cool exclusive card.

September Sales Promotions

September brings us magical forests, crazy Rick-shenanigans, and a look inside the mind of a human on a planet full of apes!

Weekly Boardgame Update

We've got a massive update for you with dungeons, castles, Star Wars, and alien invaders!

Waterdeep Dragon Heist Release Weekend

On September 14, 15, and 16 Outpost will play host to dozens of adventuring parties as we celebrate the release of the latest adventure module "Waterdeep: Dragon Heist"!

Community Day: Blizzard Games

Welcome to the seventh edition of our Community Days project! We're revisiting one of our previous events this time with more Blizzard Games on September 5th!

Guilds of Ravnica Preorder

A new set for Magic looms on the horizon and is pre-orderable today! Will the guilds of Ravnica fall under the might of Nicol Bolas, or will the ancient dragon finally be stopped? The final confrontation nears!

Weekly Boardgame Update

This Board Game Update contains Rick and Morty Shenanigans, Geishas, Murderous AI, and agriculture. If only there was a game that included all these things at once!

Netrunner National Championships in Outpost Antwerp

Outpost is proud, and a little sad, to announce the final officially supported Belgian National Championship for Android: Netrunner. The event will last three days starting on Friday, September 21st.