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In the weekend of 2-4 September, all three Outposts will host prereleases for the new Magic Set: Dominaria United.

A twisted evil lurks within Dominaria: an unexpected sleeper agent. Band together with powerful planeswalkers and heroes from across the multiverse to expose the ancient threat! 


If you have never been to a pre-release before here is how it works:

- Each player receives a small box containing 6 Dominaria United booster packs, 1 foil-stamped card from Dominaria United and a Spindown life counter.

- After opening the packs, each player constructs a 40 card deck (23 non-lands and 17 lands) out of those boosters plus basic lands that we provide.


The entry fee for all regular sealeds will be 28€. The entry fee to the Two-headed Giant Prereleases will be 50€ per team.


Prize support for all prereleases will be given in set boosters !


Full Schedule:


Outpost Antwerp


Friday 02/09, 19h00: FNM prerelease