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In the weekend of 3, 4 and 5 June all three Outposts will host prereleases for the new Magic Set: Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate


DRAFT YOUR PARTY. BUILD YOUR LEGEND. Dungeons & Dragons storytelling meets Magic’s most social format in a new crossover multiplayer experience for the ages. Turn every Commander game into an adventure with iconic D&D characters and spells. And create your own powerful character from the ground up with the return of Commander Draft.


If you have never been to a Commander Draft before here is how it works:

- Each player receives a small box containing 3 20-card booster packs, 1 Traditional foil rare or mythic rare from Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate with a foil year stamp, 1 D20, 1 MTG Arena code card.
1-Start with 3 Boosters and Draft 2 Cards at a Time!
2-Players can draft and play as many copies of the same card as they want and keep an eye out for powerful legendary creatures to play as your commander!
3-Build a 60-Card Commander Deck!
4-Battle in Groups of Three or Four!


The entry fee for all regular sealeds will be 25€. The entry fee to the Two-headed Giant Prereleases will be 50€ per team.

Prize support for all prereleases will be given in set boosters !


Full Schedule:


Outpost Antwerp

Friday 3/6, 19h30: FNM prerelease