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In the weekend of the 24th till the 26th of September, we'll celebrate the release of the new D&D Book The Wild Beyond the Witchlight with a grand release event in Outpost Antwerp!



We have ventured to many cities and undertaken a wide variety of adventures, so I think we deserve a break and to enjoy a day off at the Carnival. Grab your popcorn, your weapons (not that you'll be needing them, no danger whatsoever could be lurking in these tents, right?), and your most joyous mood, because we are releasing The Wild Beyond the Witchlight!
We'll be hosting one-shots all weekend for both beginning and more experienced players !
If you want to subscribe, use the following link: This link will be active till Friday the 17th of September at Midnight.
You can find even more info in our facebook group for Dungeons & Dragons.


For other inquiries regarding this event, you can also mail dungeons&


Both The Wild Beyond the Witchlight  and The Wild Beyond the Witchlight - Alternate Art Cover will be available on our webshop and in our gamecenters from the Tuesday the 21st of September onwards.