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This week, from Thursday up till Sunday the 27th of June, all of you will have the chance to try the great new single player card game Roguebook by the Belgian Developer Abracam for free on our Outpost PC's!


Abracam's Roguebook is a single player deckbuilding card game based on runs. For every run you choose two different heroes and try to beat all monsters and bosses on the board. You can pick up/buy new cards for your heroes along the way to flesh out your deck. You can also upgrade your cards by socketing them with gems and you can find/buy artifacts to give you extra punch during your runs.


After every run (after you've died or beaten the last boss), the board is reset and you start anew. In between runs you can spend the scrolls you amassed to upgrade your talent tree though which will give you new permanent benefits for your upcoming runs.


The great thing about Roguebook is that you will be rewarded for building a "bigger deck", a mechanic which will certainly appeal to our Commander Players out there. The choices you have to make are therefore always between reaping the benefits of a bigger deck and trying to build a small lean mean killer deck.


Add in the fact that None other than "superfan" Richard Garfield - the creator of Magic The Gathering, King of Tokyo, Roborally and many other games - joined the Abracam crew as a creative director to streamline the game and you know you are in for a treat!


Check out the trailer:




If you want to check out the game for an hour or so, drop by in Outpost Antwerp or Ghent and tell our bar staff that you would like to try out the game. They will set you up in no time!


Be sure to like our facebook post and mention your favourite card game of all time in the comments for your chance to win a free steam key of the game.


On Thursday Night, our very own Yavuial will also stream two hours of Roguebook on our Twitch Channel.


Roguebook is available on Steam for just 24.99 €!