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Unique and diverse RPG collection for sale in Outpost Antwerp, only on Free RPG Day, the 25th of July!





During the Free RPG Day, we will be celebrating the life one of our most legendary RPG players that sadly passed away recently, Guido Heye. Over the years, he has amassed an impressive range of titles crossing a multitude of different RPG universes. Of course, as a fervent roleplayer, Guido did not wish to see his collection go to waste, he wanted other people to have and enjoy the grand tales of RPGs from ye olden days. Therefore, Outpost Antwerp will be selling his vast collection on Free RPG Day,  for the benefit of his godchild. 

We would like to present you with an in memoriam written by one of his roleplay partners, Rick Henrotay:

"We met during your quest for knowledge, seeking the way of the phoenix. Then, I put you on a steamboat across the Mississippi river and we ended up traveling the seven seas together. The realms of Faerun were never a secret for us, for we walked in them more than often. You made me look for the enemy within and took me into space to find infinity. You brought us to the gates of Arkham, spoiling the schemes of the Great Old Ones. But for our final story, you took me by surprise, you pulled a full 360 on me. Rest assured, others will now carry the torch. You were and still are my friend and brother. As a player, you brought life to your characters. Things like stats and experience never mattered to you. You were there for the story and to be among friends. As a game master, props became your thing. Guido Heye, you were the greatest."

Tijdens de Free RPG Day zullen we het leven vieren van één van onze meest legendarische RPG spelers die recentelijk schielijk is te te komen overlijden, Guido Heye. Over de jaren heen is hij erin geslaagd om een prachtige collectie van boeken te verzamelen die zich uitstrekt over een breed gamma aan RPG universums. Natuurlijk wou hij als fervent roleplayer dat zijn collectie niet ergens werd opgeborgen om stof te staan vergaren. Zijn laatste wens was dat zijn collectie terug naar de RPG gemeenschap zou gaan, daarom verkopen wij met Outpost Antwerpen zijn collectie op Free RPG Day. Dit is ten voordele van zijn petekind.

Hierboven vind je een in memoriam, geschreven door één van zijn vaste roleplaying partners, Rick Henrotay.