Altar Quest
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Our three gamecenters had to close because of government regulations concenring the Covid 19-Virus, but our webshop is still very much up and running ! No in-store pickups obviously but we are still shipping to your front door !


Looking for a boardgame to play with your family in lockdown ? Want to buy that miniature you never had time to paint ? Some cards to complement your deck ?


Our skeleton crew (no pun intended) of two is still busy picking your orders. They are working in shifts, in order to optimize social distancing. They will be vigilant about hand washing and will be abiding by all necessary hygience precautions.


All this to create a safer work environment for our employees, and to keep your packages clean as well.


We wish all our customers the best in these trying times and hope we can still offer you some fun and entertainment while we wait this bloody virus out.


See you all back soon !