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Join us on August 7 for our Childrens League Pokémon event! Come to Outpost Antwerp and learn how to play the game! Bring your own cards or borrow some of ours!


Pokiemanz PlaygroundWhen I was a kid I didn't collect Pokémon cards to play a game. Heck, now I think about it I probably didn't fully understand you COULD play a game with them. For me it was all about the pictures, reading the card text, and of course bragging about it on the playground with friends. Pokémon cards were a sort of status item or even currency back then. I suppose they might still be, I don't visit playgrounds anymore.


It wasn't until my early twenties that one of my friends introduced me to the actual game of Pokémon and I got to learn the particulars. Turns out it's really fun! Sadly my old cards were so outdated that they were practically unplayable.


Fast forward to today we here at Outpost realise that my experience wasn't unique and that the same must be true for a lot of kids who are currently into Pokémon. Additionally we reckon their parents might want to know more about what the Pokémon trading card game really is. To that end we've created an event called "The Childrens League".


So what is it?


On August 7th between 15:00 and 18:00 you can join us in Outpost Antwerp to learn all about the actual Pokémon game. If your kid has a lot of cards we can teach her or him to make a deck with which to play. If he or she doesn't have any cards yet they can borrow a deck from us to see how the game works. Additionally parents are in the unique position to ask any question they might have to our experts.

Questions & Answers

We'll also be handing out goody bags to all participating children. These will contain some promos along with some Pokémon-themed goodies such as pencils, notebooks, etc.


And lastly: the entire event is completely free of charge!


Pokémon doesn't have to be "just for children". You can learn to play it with them, involve yourself into their world and hobby, and they can find even more uses for their collection of cards!


See you there!