Altar Quest
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From Friday 20/09 up until Sunday 22/09 the brave members of the Outpost D&D group are holding Descent into Avernus runs for everyone that wants to join ... for free!


The adventure begins as a cadre of brave new adventures venture beyond Baldur's gate into the first circle of hell: Avernus. Their goal is to stick it to archdevil Zariel, a major character in the Blood War. Along with facing the miriad forces of hell the party will be enticed by demonic pacts promising power, treasure, and all manner of other desires, as well as make use of mighty war machines.


Want to save the world from the forces of evil? Or are you just dying to make a deal for limitless power? Then look no further form our Descent into Avernus Release Party adventurer!


We're launching parties into the depths of hell on Friday 20/09, Saturday 21/09, and Sunday 22/09. All you need to do to be a part of them is fill out this form.


(Please do fill out the form. Although it is possible to simply show up during those dates we cannot guarantee you a seat at the table otherwise.)


The entire event is completely free of charge and participants even have a chance to win some exclusive goodies!


So what are you waiting for adventurer?