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Join our Boardnado crew on August 2nd when we celebrate GenCon and AEG's Big Game Night!


Those of us who are into boardgames will at one point come across GenCon: one of several yearly conventions across the globe where developers showcase their latest prototype boardgames (Another one would be Spiel in Essen, Germany). As is the norm for a convention of such size and scope GenCon boasts a multitude of boardgame-related events, such as Big Game Night by AEG.


Unfortunately for us GenCon takes place in the US and although we'd love to teleport over there ... I'm told we don't have the mana to do so.


But that's ok because thanks to our intrepid Boardnado crew and our partnership with AEG (Alterac Entertainment Group) Big Game Night is coming to us right here in Outpost Antwerp!


So what can you expect from Big Game Night?


It's a FREE event taking place in Outpost Antwerpen on August 2nd which showcases three brand new AEG games. These are:



CuriosWho doesn't love the amazing adventures of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft? In Curios you can don a fedora and become rogue archeologists/treasure hunters yourself as you scour the globe for various artifacts. Unfortunately you don't know what those treasures are worth which is where your deductive and bluffing skills come into play.




Point Salad

PointsaladTomatoes! Onions! Paprikas! Bacon? You can make a salad out of almost anything. After all it's just some ingrediƫnts tossed into a bowl. Does that make cereal a salad? This and other questions can be pondered while mix and matching various tiles to create the perfect salad ... and get the most points.




Walking in Burano

BuranoBurano is a small island in Venice famous for its brightly coloured houses. During the game you are tasked with refurbishing some of those pittoresque streets into your own creative style! Amaze tourists and locals alike while you're wandering the streets of Burano.




Of course you are welcome to bring your own games!


Whatever you decide to play it promises to be a fun night among fellow boardgame enthousiasts. Made all the more special by the realisation that boardgamers around the world are experiencing the same games as you at more or less the same time!


See you there!