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On Saturday the 15th of June both Roleplay affectionados and newbies will be welcome in Outpost Antwerp & Ghent for free RPG day. ALL participants will walk away with a free item !





Outpost Ghent will open the floor to Dungeon Masters to host some roleplaying sessions of our beloved Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

All of the sessions will be hosted with an intent to be beginners-friendly. The Dungeon Masters, those vast bastions of game knowledge, will guide you from novice to having a good time.

To register, as a one-day event comes with a limitation on how many people we can allow, you can just mail to secure your spot and see what necessarry preparations need to be done.




Free RPG Day is an event that was created to bring roleplaying game systems to players who might not otherwise know that they exist. That's why we have decided to step away from only running Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition in Outpost Antwerp this year. That’s right. This year, we’re going bigger and better than ever. This year, we’re playing AAAAALLLL the rpg’s.


We have gathered thirteen (lucky number, fingers crossed) Game Masters to provide ample gameplay sessions and an overall good time for all of you. They’ll be bringing game systems like Pathfinder/Starfinder, the tabletop war game Wrath & Glory, something a little more campy like Slasher Flick, and some great surrealistic fun with Invisible Sun. And many more! You will find a lost of all our games in our registration form.


And that’s not all. On top of a guaranteed good game session with a fun group, we are also going to be showering you all in goodies. What’s in our box? Well, a lot. Short adventures to try your hand at a new system yourself? We got them. Dice that have more of a Starfinder flavor? Also in there. We even got a new shirt to put our bartender in.


Since we have to put all of these games within this one measly Saturday June 15th, the spots are unfortunately limited. We foresee a limit of about sixty (60!) players, so time is of the essence with registering for this event. And how do you do that? Fill out this registration form and we will do our best to put you in the game sessions that you want to do most.


So, enthousiasts of the roleplaying game genre, we urge you to claim your rightful spot, to take your seat at our tables, and to have a mighty good time. And if you haven’t had enough yet after that, our PC’s are available for some rpg’s of the video game persuasion, and from 19:00 on Boardnado is bringing thematic boardgames to the party.


In short: you’re going to want to be at Outpost on Saturday June 15th 2019!