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For years now, Outpost has been a true paradise for the boardgaming enthusiast. Not only do we sell a wide selection of top notch boardgames, you can also come and playtest them in our shops.


Testing the game of your choice in an Outpost Gamecenter is absolutely free. Soon, you will be able to consult all available demo-boardgames per outpost on the website.


Whether you are someone who only occasionally plays a board game or a seasoned veteran, in Outpost you will always find the right game for both your wallet and your taste.


During our board game evenings, you are more than welcome to hop in and join a game. Or come up with a suggestion of your own.




Outpost has always had a very special relationship with 999 Games. This Dutch company almost single-handedly kickstarted the Benelux boardgame renaissance that we witnessed in the nineteen-nineties. Outpost was very eager to take in all of their games, and this immediately proved to be a big success.


The localised versions of Kolonisten of Catan, Carcassonne, Regenwormen, and more recently Agricola, have all proven to be big hits, and quite rightfully so !





Over the last few years, this American powerhouse has stunned us with an impressive list of spectacular, creative, and innovative boardgames. Twilight Imperium, Game of Thrones, Arkham Horror, X-Wing Miniatures, Battlestar Galactica, Android: Netrunner, the list goes on and on.


Outpost is proud to be a trusted organiser of their yearly Regional Championships, where fans battle for a ticket and the right to compete in the World Championships.




Of course, Outpost offers far more boardgame-brands than just the two above. Days of Wonder, Rio Grande, Steve Jackson, Z-Man, Plaid Hat, QWG, Hasbro, Avalon Hill, Queen Games and many many more. If a game is any good, chances are you will find it in Outpost !



People who know their boardgames, or want to get to know boardgames, all know Outpost. It is in this respect that Chief, the best videogames magazine in the country came to us when they wanted to add an 'unplugged' section to their magazine. Every month they review two boardgames and we advise them on which games to select.





You can collect your board game stamp card at the Outpost counter. We host board game nights on both Sunday and Monday Night. When you come and play a game in Outpost on one of these nights, your stamp card will get a stamp. When your card is full, you get a 20% discount on a boardgame of you choice !


You can come in with your own gaming-buddies, but even when you're on your own, you will always find a group of gaming enthousiasts to play with !