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Outpost is looking to expand its VR catalogue by supporting Belgium VR-company Mantis Games in creating 'Journey for Elysium'!


'Journey for Elysium' is a story-driven VR-game created by Mantis studios: a Belgian developer! The game takes place in a Greek-Roman inspired version of the underworld where you, the player, are tasked with finding the way to Elysium: the promised afterlife.


The story goes a bit like this: You are a fallen warrior. Only recently slain on the field of battle. However it turns out that this is not the end for you. There is indeed something after death and you're ... well, not exactly 'living' it, but still ... You 'wake up' on a boat in the middle of an ethereal landscape painted solely in shades of grey. (The developers are big fans of Gustave Doré and his paintings)


You're not alone on this boat however. An elderly man is here explaining your predicament. You are trapped between life and death and your only hope of a happy afterlife is finding Elysium. However along the way there are puzzles to test your worthiness .... and can the old man even be trusted? Who is he anyway? It all sounds very mysterious and exciting!

The Boat

We here at Outpost love VR. We think it's the future of gaming and that's why we recently opened our VR Experience. Mantis Games shares our viewpoint. Plus they're a Belgian company! We couldn't pass up the opportunity to work together to find an audience for entirely 'home-made' VR.


Plus the game sounds awesome and brings a whole new dimension to our current VR repertoire. Tired of shooting dinosaurs? Why not try and make the trip to Elysium? This game and our VR experience are a perfect fit.


The only downside is the wait. Journey for Elysium was slated to launch somewhere in November, but as with all game development it can take a bit longer. Which is unfortunate as we'd really like to try it!


So stay tuned for more VR news as we'll keep you posted on Journey for Elysium's development, it's availabilty and more!