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Pokémon Prereleases in all Outposts

Join us for some Unbroken Bonds Prereleases across the Outposts!


When thinking about the idea of 'companionship' in Pokémon one immediately thinks about the relationship between a trainer and his Pokémon. In the latest Sun & Moon set 'Unbroken Bonds' we're not doing any of that. Instead we're exploring the bonds between the Pokémon themselves with TAG TEAM cards!


TAG TEAM cards feature two Pokémon-GX working together to achieve their goals. They have no evolutions and come with tons of health. They do however take a lot of energy to power up their abilities.


The set, which boasts over 210 cards, will feature 7 of these powerful teams. Additionally it will feature 7 more Pokémon-GX, over 25 trainer cards, and a new Special Energy Card.


All this goodness will release on May the 3rd. However that's way too long away. Which is why we're holding prereleases!


Saturday 20th


Sunday 21st


Wednesday 24th


Friday 26th


Saturday 27th




So join us in the week of the 20th and the 27th for some fun and games!