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As of today we will be introducing a new loyalty program for Magic that will replace our Outpost Player's Club. For those who haven't linked their OPC account yet, you still have time till the 1st of July to do so!


You might ask: "But what was wrong with the old system? It worked great!"


And you're right, it did work really well. However we found that truly understanding how the system worked apart from "play MtG and get free stuff", proved daunting. The OPC also didn't really spark the enthousiasm we had hoped and this resulted in many people not linking their accounts, thus not getting the rewards they earned.



Speaking of those rewards:


If you were part of a tournament in any Outpost between now and 11th July 2016 that awarded loyalty points you may have unclaimed rewards waiting for you!





Possibility #1: If you've previously linked your account and selected a reward. Then you've got nothing to worry about. Kick back, relax, and watch those rewards flow in.

Possibility #2: If you're part of the 900 or so people who haven't linked their accounts yet you may have unclaimed rewards laying around! It's best that you send a mail to so he can link your account. Once this is done go to your account page on our website and select what kind of rewards you want. Then wait for the email telling you where to go get them at the end of the season.


Please be warned that if you haven't done the above by July 1st all rewards will vanish forever!


We're not here to just say farewell to the Outpost Player's Club however. Playing MtG in Outpost is still something we think merits reward so we've come up with an alternate method of getting those:


The MtG Loyalty Card


The MtG Loyalty Card is a simple stamp card you can collect at any time and in any Outpost.


For every individual tournament or day of casual play you will get a stamp. Once you reach 10 stamps you'll get a free beverage of your choice that's worth 2 Euro (you can save this for later, if you want). When you get to 15 stamps we'll award you a free booster pack. This rule doesn't differentiate between playing with physical cards or in-house MTG Arena games.


An example:


Robin enters Outpost with the intent to play Magic. They go to the bar and tells our friendly Outpost Employee that they'll be playing some casual games with a friend. Robin gets a stamp.

Later that day they hear there are two consecutive MtG tournaments. Robin participates in both. Once again they tell our friendly Outpost Employee and get two stamps. One for each tournament.

It's evening now, but Robin feels on a roll and plays some more matches with a friend. However this time they don't ask for a stamp knowing you can only get a stamp for casual play once a day.

At the end of the day Robin notices their card has just enough stamps for a free drink. "Silly me. Why didn't I realise this sooner!" However Robin is not thirsty right now and really wants to go home, thus decides to save it for later.


When it comes to applying the rule to MTG Arena it's really simple:


- A casual game, whether it be with physical cards or played on our mighty gaming rigs, only counts as a single stamp

- Each tournament played on MTG Arena awards a stamp, just like if it were a tournament with real cards. (We host MTG Arena tournaments on Thursday.)


As you can see we've made our new loyalty program transparent and easy to use. Gone are the days of account linking and 'ranking point'-mathematics. It's finally over! Haleluja!


The MtG Loyalty Card is available now at the bar of any of our Outposts. Go get one today and start earning rewards for playing the game you love.