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We're taking an in-depth look at our new PCs as well as announcing a brand new model to pay for them!


A little while ago this picture was uploaded on Facebook with the caption: "Oh look: a random pile of brand new PC's and their accessories. What could this possibly mean?"

Pile of PC


A few days afterwards this appeared: "Hmmm ... something about Outpost is different this morning, but what?" 

Empty Outpost


Not long afterwards we saw this image on the Ghent Facebook page. 

Setup Complete


While a few humourously claimed it was 'obviously' a photo of some old stock and later a case of Grand Theft PC, others melted away in a green puddle of jealousy. Even more people helpfully offered to assist us putting them all together. All and all it meant something glorious: The new PCs had arrived.


But let's not keep you waiting much longer! Here are our mighty new specifications!


OS Windows 10 Pro


CPU: Intel Core i5-9600K CPU @ 3.70GHz
16Gb Ram
Grafics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070


232GB NVMe Samsung SSD 970
4TB Western Digital + Intel Optane


Samsung CJG5 WQHD 27" Curved 144Hz


Naturally these awesome rigs are accompanied by new comfy gaming chairs and 144Hz monitors (we know you've been wanting those!)


But that's not all! Now that our brand new machines are up and running in all Outposts we're completely overhauling the way you pay for them! No longer will you need a degree in rocket science to understand this new system. It's really easy:


* Payment is still by-the-minute.


* An hour of gaming costs a flat € 2.99. This never changes no matter how much you play.




* Once you reach a total of €20 (after a little under 7h of gaming) the counter stops. You will never pay more than this amount per day.


Additionally: By day we mean 'a day in Outpost'. As counted by our opening and closing times. That way you don't have to worry about any weirdness occuring when you keep on gaming after midnight.


We opted for this new payment model because it's both a lower entry cost for people who don't game a lot and it simultaneously rewards people who do game a lot.


Considering the epic launch of our new rigs alongside our new payment model I believe our motto is more valid these days than ever: Join us for a game, any game!