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Join us this weekend at FACTS 2019 as we bring the complete Outpost Experience. And we do mean EVERYTHING!


FACTS might very well be one of the biggest, or perhaps THE biggest Fantasy, Animation, Comics, Toys, and Sci-Fi convention out there. That is, in fact, what the acronym FACTS stands for!

Being all about gaming of any kind Outpost has graced the halls of FACTS for many years and next weekend is no exception! We're pulling out all the stops for this event as we're bringing everything but our airfryer to the event!


The Outpost Shop, a FACTS classic

FACTSAs always we'll bring our massive inventory of cards, boardgames, and pop culture items to the convention. We're such a regular sight that we've barely moved since they redesigned the main hall. Thus you can find us in our usual corner spot on lot 5014.


Outpost VR, the new kid in town

We did say we'd bring EVERYTHING, right? That includes our brand new VR-setup! Step into a whole new virtual universe and smash those zombies! You can play any game from our catalogue and the best thing? It's totally free! ... best come early to lot 4096 because there's sure to be a line!


PC-Gaming, the Outpost cornerstone

We're bringing no less than 10 PC's to FACTS where you can play games such as Assassin's Creed, Apex Legends, or Hearthstone. We're also hosting a special all-FACTS-long Fireside Gathering which you can freely join and, if you do, you can open your prerelease packs for the new expansion already! Additionally you can then use those cards in a special brawl or just jump straight in with premade decks. So join us on lot 4096 and let's open some packs!


Magic the Gathering, now with digital arena

Also joining us on lot 4096 are a host of excited planeswalkers willing to learn newcomers all the ins and outs of Magic the Gathering. You can drop by and see what it's all about, perhaps walk away with a welcome deck. Or you can leave the physical world behind and play Magic Arena on one of our mighty PC's. The choice is yours!


Boardnado, gaming unplugged

The last ones to join us on lot 4096 is Boardnadoooooo! This lively crew led by Pirate Queen Morgane will showcase and demo boardgames all day long. There will even be some special games such as 'Wizards of Roygbiv' which will go on Kickstarter soon, and the brand new Underground Awakened! Additionally if you complete a demo on any game there you'll get a 10% discount voucher valid for each of the featured games. This means that if you really liked the game you can take it home with a discount!


Dungeons & Dragons, masters of the fantasy world

You can't say Outpost without also saying 'D&D'. The Outpost Management Team has a combined RPG-skill of over 150 years so yeah ... we know a thing or two about roleplay! That's why we're bringing the joy of pen & paper RPG's to FACTS. Look for 'De Delvers' in the Play Area and get ready for an epic, albeit short, demo adventure!


Cosplay, because screw 'normal' outfits

Joining us at all of our booths is professional cosplayer Saya Costumes. Come say hi and take a picture as she'll bring some of your favourite characters to life, like Chun-Li from Street Fighter!


So, did we forget anything? Did you wish we'd brought our airfryer as well? What part of our experience are you most excited for? We hope to see you all at FACTS 2019 this weekend!