Altar Quest
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During the War of the Spark prerelease weekend on the 27th and 28th our gamecenters are capable of selling you all War of the Spark products both one week sooner and at a 10% discount!


ChandraThe end of days is upon us. An army of planeswalkers stands between Nicol Bolas and total godhood. With stakes this high it seems only natural that we make it easier for players to get into the fight.


That's why, if you visit our gamecenters during the War of the Spark prereleases you can purchase all War of the Spark products at a 10% discount. There are two caveats however:

- This promotion doesn't apply to single cards.

- This promotion doesn't apply to products purchased on our webshop.


And with us being able to sell all War of the Spark products one week sooner you can take all those goodies home with you immediately! Or better yet: play them during our prerelease events!


Speaking of events, we've got our full schedule ready to go! Since this is such a monumental time in the history of Magic there are even some surprises lurking among our traditional roster. For example: supersized events in Ghent and a seventh (!) prerelease event for Antwerp!


Friday, April 26th


Saturday, April 27th


Sunday, April 28th



Even though it's still some weeks away we couldn't be more hyped for prerelease weekend. We hope to see you when the war starts on the weekend of the 27th!