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Assassins, Vampires, and space virmin are the subject of this week's board game update!


Asking for Trobils

Asking for Trobils is a nonsensical worker-placement game where you have to capture and destroy space pests known as trobils (I can already feel the Star Trek fans flinching). Apparently the only way to truly get rid of them is hurl them into the sun, but to achieve that you might have to duplicate your ship in a wormhole or hire some pirates and hookers.



Order of Vampire Hunters - Core Box

Vampires are bad m'kay. Even those non-threatening teen vampires who only talk about their feelings. They all have to go! To achieve this you've all become junior vampire hunters armed with holy water, stakes, crosses, and holy hand grenades. Hunt the vampires and drag them into the sun, ... but beware the night because then you become the hunted.



Railroad Ink: Diepblauw / Vuurrood

Railroad Ink is a game where you attempt to connect 'exits' using roads and railroads. The deep blue version of the game adds rivers, lakes, and ferries to the game while the blazing red edition deals with an erupting volcano and meteor strikes. Of course you can always combine the two games and create a 12 player game!



Risk: Assassin's Creed

You wouldn't think an organisation that goes around killing people is any good, but that's exactly what the assassins are: the good guys. (Seriously, you should see all the shenanigans the templars get up too). Anyway in this custom game of risk you can stick it to the templars with special cards and abilities ... or if you really liked AC: Rogue you can be a templar and destroy those meddling assassins!