Altar Quest
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This week's update features a beloved Sci-fi Franchise, powerful wizards, dashing heroes, .... and birdwatching?


Monopoly Mass Effect

Why monopolise the earth when you can expand your reach into the galaxy itself? Play the classic game of Monopoly with one of the most beloved sci-fi themes from the gaming world: Mass Effect! Become Illium incarnate and go trade those lovely and cute Asari slaves ... I mean ... "indentured servants"!



Summoner's Isle

Remember those Great Old Ones? Turns out they're a bit of a menace in every board game, including this one! Fortunately as an apprentice summoner, you have the ability and power to keep those God-like beings out of your realm forever. Now you just need to prove yourself more capable than the other player-apprentices ...



Call To Adventure

Call to Adventure is a hero-building game that encourages storytelling. After picking an origin and two starter abilities players attempt to grow their hero by acquiring traits and overcoming events. Will you join the Thieves Guild? Face off against mighty adversaries? Although failing a few events can help make your hero stronger, it could send them on a dark path ... but whether light or dark, whoever has the biggest dic ... destiny in the end wins!

KS Exclusive Card Pack : Call to Adventure launches with over 150 cards. But naturally you want MOAR, MOAR CARDS! That's why we have this kickstarter exclusive: to give you a few additional cards!

Cloth Rune Bag : Call to Adventure features a unique rune rolling system to overcome obstacles on your hero's path to glory. This cloth bag will help you store them safely and with style!



Wingspan EN / NL

In wingspan the players are ornithologists and bird-enthousiasts trying to collect the most interesting birds to their habitats. Although the game doesn't include dragons, castles, or Great Old Ones it does feature very interesting mechanics and satisfying gameplay. Which is why it has a ridiculously high rating on BoardGameGeek! Comes in English and Dutch versions!