Altar Quest
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From the gladiatorial arenas of Rome, to the Outback of Australia, and the realm of Atlantis. Battle skeletons, the Great Old Ones, and increase your influence all with this Board Game Update!


Gorus Maximus: Standard and Premium Edition

In Gorus Maximus you try to gain the favour of the Roman masses by participating in gladitorial trick-taking combat (using cards, not swords). Players either match or trump the current gladiator in play in order to achieve ultimate victory and the prestigious title of Swiftus Lazarus Gorus Maximus.

The Premium edition boasts a nicer UV-spotted box, linen cards, and the stretch goals from the Gorus Maximus kickstarter campaign. Additionally his game is currently on sale!




Based upon 'A study in Emerald' this game takes place in an alternate 1930's where, due to devastation by a previous war against the Great Old Ones, people are fleeing en masse to southern lands (such as Australia). Little do they know that the Old Ones have actually survived and are currently slumbering in peaceful Australia ... ready to be awoken by careless players who venture there.



Bad Bones

Meanwhile in a generic fantasy land it's not the Old Ones but endless hordes of undead that are threating the players. These dead are simply looking for a home and the only ones available are the castles owned by the players. Since the horde cannot be defeated it's every man for him/herself as you do your very best to steer the horde towards your fellow players' keeps ...

Comes in multiple languages including Dutch!



Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition

Mage Knight is a hybrid game with RPG and deckbuilding elements. As you dungeoneer throughout the fictional empire of Atlantis (yes, those guys) your goal is nothing short of ultimate domination! Along the way your fellow players may be powerful allies, but only one can ascend to the throne .... at least if you're not playing the coop gamemode!

The ultimate edition includes the base game + the Lost Legion, Shades of Tezla, and Krang expansions.




Welcome to the court of King Henry VIII! Your goal is to use courtiers to increase your wealth and influence ... and then keep it. Interesting about the game is that your influence (and your intent with that influence) is denoted by a ring and on what finger you put it.