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What started out as an experiment is now a popular esports competition! Join one of our City League teams or cheer us on as both Antwerp and Ghent will fight to the bitter end on the 7th of March!


City League LogoLast year in February Outposts Ghent and Antwerp participated in an experiment. It started with the question: "What if every gamecenter in Europe started its own esports team?". Many, including us, did just that and so the 'Ghent Giants' and 'Antwerp Giantkillers' teams were born.


What did we do with our teams? Fight of course! During the beta season last year gamecenters from across europe battled each other for glory and free pizza. It was truly heartwarming to see all that carnage. Still brings a tear to my eye ...


Anyway, that beta season has long been over. Right now City League is in its third official CS:GO season, with prize pools and everything. (Which may or may not be better than free pizza depending on your point of view).


The Ghent Giants and Antwerp Giantkillers still exist (Although they're called the Antwerp Lions now). In fact they've been training hard (here in Antwerp they've been whipped into shape by cruel taskmaster Wim) in order to rise to the top and ... for the inevitable clash. Because for the first time Ghent and Antwerp will be fighting each other!


You really don't want to miss this, so mark the 7th of March at 22:00 in your calendars! You can come cheer for your favourite team in the Outposts themselves or support them through the livestream.


If you want to see more City League-goodness then you can check out the schedule [here]. Or if you have aspirations of joining either team then this is certainly possible as well! Simply contact us at and we will sort you out!


And who knows what the future will bring? (Actually I do know and I'll give you a little teaser ... it involves a certain popular moba called League of Legends ... you maaay want to try sign up for that as well!)