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April Sales Promotions

Even though April boasts sales on hamster armies, mall cops hunting down wizards, and over-marketed giant robots ... these games are no joke!


Gyrating Hamsters

(Then: 27.99 Now: 19.99)

We've had Exploding Kittens and Unstable Unicorns, now we have Gyrating Hamsters! In this 2-5 player Hamster-bonanza you attempt to raise a mighty Hamster horde, defend against other players' hordes, manage your hand, and play actions.


Eventually someone will reach the extremely scientific 'Hamster Treshold'. Once this critical mass of hamsters has been achieved .... something will happen. Perhaps humanity will be overthrown by its new hamster-overlords? It's also the only way to win the game.



Magic Maze

(Then: 24.99 Now: 18.99)

A mage, a warrior, a dwarf, and an elf find themselves broke and stripped of all possessions (perhaps they had too much to drink at the Red Dragon Inn?) Their ingenious idea to get out of their current predicament is to rob the local Magic Maze shopping mall and get out with each character's favourite artifact.

Mall Cop

There are however several caveats. Firstly the local mall security is already suspicious of the group and thus the party has only 3 real-time minutes to get out with their objects. Secondly: the players can not talk to each other during most of the game, nor give visual cues! Can you make it out with the loot before the mall cops get you? This game has a manual in Dutch, English, and French.



Giant Killer Robots: Heavy Hitters

(Then: 149.99 Now: 104.99)

In the future mankind has a surplus of ruined cities. The survivors of humanity have been unified under powerful megacorporations. These megacorps have invented a new sport involving giant robots rampaging through abandoned cities ... branded with their logos of course!

Pacific Rim

In the game you're all celebrity pilots manning giant robots. You've all got three tinier drones under your command that you can deploy to repair, scout, and fight with. The goal is to be the last pilot standing, ... and put on a good show for the crowd.