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Outpost Launches its VR Experience

It's not often we add a new feature to one of our gamecenters. Since we already cover card, board, and videogames what else could we possibly branch into? Introducing the Outpost Virtual Reality Experience!


If you've been to Outpost Antwerp this past month you may have noticed a new addition to our basement. In fact: it's possible we've asked you to test this new contraption during beta testing.


I'm talking about our brand new Outpost VR Experience booth.


The booth is a medium-sized chamber equipped with the latest in Virtual Reality technology. When using it you and three to four other players put on goggles (the Vive Pro for those familiar with VR) and receive a modified airsoft rifle equipped with sensors. We can then load up a variety of scenarios to play with. Want to fight hordes of zombies? No problem! Shoot a giant robot? Sure! Go back in time and fight dinosaurs? We got you covered!


The potential for this technology is endless. We've partnered with another company called VRplus which designs scenarios just for our type of booths to use. This means what you experience when playing with us is unique and not otherwise commercially available. Additionally we plan to release at least one new scenario every month, while existing ones might be upgraded to include new features. Combined with the fact that most of these games are quite hard this adds immense replay value.


If you're worried about motion sickness or that you won't be able to enjoy yourself by wearing glasses: don't be. The technology we're using has been set-up in such a way that it removes most of the major problems related to motion sickness and the Vive Pro can certainly be combined with glasses. This doesn't mean we don't plan to trick you by making you think you're 100 metres up in the air or being grabbed by a pterosaur, but you shouldn't get sick because of it.


NomnomWe've got major plans for our new Virtual Reality program. We'll be taking it to conventions such as FACTS and 1UP, we'll be hosting a student competition soon, we're planning to integrate it into our community days, and a new booth will open in Outpost Ghent in April! Such good things are on the horizon for fans or potential fans of VR. I wish I could tell you all about it, but some things are best kept as a surprise!


Starting from Thursday the 21st of February you can come to Outpost Antwerp and try it all out. We prefer you reserve a spot through our website, but you can always just drop by and see if anyone is using the equipment. The price of a session is 15 Euro per person using the booth and for an optimal experience we do require you to come in groups of at least four players. A session will last about 45 minutes and allows you to play any scenario you want with your group twice. A friendly Outpost VR staffmember will always be on hand to help out and explain everything in great detail. You can find additional information in the aforementioned website.


As a special promotion if you like our Outpost VR Facebook page before Wednesday 20th at midnight you have a chance to obtain 1 of 5 free VR sessions!


We hope you'll enjoy the latest addition to our gamecenter now and in the future.