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20 Years of Anno! To celebrate this amazing event and Ubisoft's soon-to-be released Anno 1800 you can play the Closed Beta in Outpost Antwerp this weekend entirely for free! Perhaps you can even win a key for the full game when it releases on April 16th ....


The Anno series is now 20 years! Who would believe it? It seems only yesterday that I was a young whippersnapper playing Anno 1701!


Recently the series has been focusing on series of 'what if' scenario's which took us from the depths of the ocean with Anno 2070 to outer space with Anno 2205. Personally I didn't mind the futuristic setting at all, me being a bit of a sci-fi nerd ...


But Anno is going back to its historical roots! It's time to ditch the spaceships and submarines in favour of sails and coal engines. Anno 1800 is taking us to the exciting times of the 19th century where people built massive empires and metropolises, filled in the last blank spots on the map of the world, and believed they could do anything.

Anno 1800This game doesn't just bring a really cool historical setting, but it also carries over the best features from past installments. Along with some new features such as 'blueprinting' and tourism!


Needless to say we're pretty excited here at Outpost Antwerp and we want you to be too. That's why, starting from Friday February 1st and ending on February 4th you can play the closed beta on our mighty gaming rigs entirely for free. You don't even have to pay for the gametime. Just leave your email at the bar, tell them you're playing ANNO 1800 and go play the hell out of it!


Industry before it was coolBut we're not stopping there. Everyone who leaves their email (and plays the game) has a chance to win a key for ANNO 1800 when the game releases on April 16th!


All those who partake in the all-day ANNO Celebration event on Saturday 2nd will have a chance of winning a key as well.


Will you create the next paradise when it comes to tourism? Or will you construct the ultimate industrial powerhouse? (Build the latter, Saruman would be proud!)