Tsuro: Phoenix rising
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There's party games galore in this update! Also: some pirates. Because one can never have enough of pirates!


Disturbed Friends

A party game designed to measure just how depraved your friends think you are. On your turn you'll pose an unethical, horrible, and possibly sexually tense question. Your friends will then vote on the answer they think you would choose. First person to guess correctly 10 times will win!



Treasure Island

Mutiny most foul! Long John Silver's crew has him tied up and are questioning him incessantly about the location of his treasure. Long John (embodied by one of the players) may direct or misdirect them until the moment of his inevitable escape. After which it's a race to see who gets the treasure for themselves.



Cards Against Humanity: Absurd Box

Cards Against Humanity is by far our best-selling game. Fans keep clamouring for more and more cards and of course we're happy to oblige. Behold! The absurd box: an expansion with 300(!) new weird, whimsical, and totally bonkers cards. Does require the main CaH box to play.



Codenames Pictures XXL

In this extra larga party game two players embody all-knowing spy-masters. Their job is to direct other players (the spies) to secret meetings. However, since the enemy is always listening they must speak in code. Failure on the part of the spies to correctly deduce that code may lead to some .... unsavoury meetings. Only one person can win the game! This game is produced entirely in Dutch.