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Ravnica Allegiance Releases in all Outposts

Join us this weekend in any of our three gamecenters to celebrate the release of the latest Magic Set: Ravnica Allegiance.

Simic Ascendancy 

After a rousing prerelease it's finally time to offically welcome Ravnica Allegiance into our standard decks.


So for those of you looking for more packs to open, cards to play, and tournaments to win we've got release parties all across the three Outposts. Plenty to sate the card frenzy of even the most fanatical Magic player (we hope).


Additionally participation in any of our events will net you the SIMIC ASCENDANCY card (while supplies last).


Simic Ascendancy can be a frustrating card when played in a long match. Furthermore it can trigger other cards with relative frequency (such as Sharktocrab) and it provides an alternative win condition. all and all it's a card worth having in your card collection.


And now without further ado: here is our roster for the weekend.


Saturday, January 26th


Sunday, January 27th



We hope to welcome you during this official set release. May you always draw well!