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Whether you're searching for the One Ring, trying to save the world from supervillains, or match wits with the greatest detective of all time .... here in Outpost you can do it at discounted prices!


The Reckoners

(Then: 139.99 Now: 104.99)

In the fictional universe of the Reckoners certain humans have been bestowed awesome powers due to a mysterious burst of light in the sky some 10 years before the events of the game. Sadly all these people (colloquially known as 'Epics') became supervillains.

DC Supervillains

Since the Avengers don't exist in this universe the world has formed an elite team of assassins known as 'Reckoners' to contain the threat of the epics.

In this cooperative game you'll be fighting the biggest, baddest epic of them all (known as 'Steelheart') and his cronies as they work dilligently to reduce the population of Newcago (New Chicago .... yeah, it's not the best name ...) to zero. You do this by building action combos, creating plans, carefully manage resources, and finding out his weakness!



Beyond Baker Street

(Then: 21.99 Now: 15.99)

Whether your favourite incarnation of the character is Jeremy Brett or Benedict Cumberbatch, there is no denying that Sherlock Holmes is nothing short of a cultural icon. Unless you've been living under a rock for most of your life there is no way you have not at least heard of the famed consulting detective.

Challenge Accepted

In 'Beyond Baker Street' you'll be playing as victorian detectives trying to match wits with the man himself. The objective is not to solve the crime, but to solve it before Sherlock does. (Indeed, the criminals will not get away this time, even if you 'lose'.) So grab your deerstalkers, pipe, and opium syringe and immersive yourself in these thrilling cases!



Hunt For The Ring

(Then: 57.99 Now: 45.99)

Of the many servants of the Dark Lord, the Nine are arguably the most dangerous. In the 'Hunt for the Ring' boardgame several players take on the roles of these terrible foes while one player plays as Frodo and his hobbit buddies. The goal is take the ring safely to Rivendell where Boromir can utter the now famous words:

One does not simply ....

The game is played in two parts. In the first part Frodo tries to get to Bree as fast as he can and controls the party directly. If the Nazg├╗l capture him it's game over and if it takes him longer than 16 turns the party of hobbits will gain 'corruption'.

If Frodo makes it to Bree however the second part begins (or can be played at a later date). You flip the game board and try to make it from Bree to Rivendell (again with a host of Dark Riders behind you). However this time the player doesn't control Frodo directly anymore. Instead he or she relies on event cards.