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Happy Holidays from Outpost! Just like everyone else we're clocking out for the year. Check the article to find out when we're closed.


Outpost prides itself on being one of those venues that is open more than it's closed. However, even our toughest minions need a break and what better time to do it than during Christmas and New Year's Day!


Monday 24/12 Open until 17:00 Closed Closed
Tuesday 25/12 Closed Closed Closed
Monday 31/12 Open until 18:00 Closed Closed
Tuesday 01/01 Closed Closed Closed


Outpost Antwerp as you can see will be open on the 24th until 17:00, and the 31st until 18:00. Because they're hardcore like that.


We'd like to wish you all well from everyone here at Outpost and we hope to see you next year as we've got tons of things in store for board, card, and PC gaming!