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It's a new Board Game Update with Pizza, (Galactic) Empires, and dragons!


Munchkin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Kowabunga! The pizza-loving turtles have come to Munchkin! Play as any of the turtles and race to level 10, beating classic villains (such as Shredder) along the way.




In this abstract puzzle game your goals is to create a beautiful stained glass window. Mix and match coloured pieces, manipulate dice, and try to get ahead on the competition! This game is translated into Dutch and French.



Star Wars X-Wing 2.0 Core Set

The Star Wars Core Set has been out for quite a while, but we've got a ton of new expansions to show you. All of them enhancing your X-Wing gameplay.

First Order Conversion Kit : This conversion kit allows you to add any First Order ships you might have from the first edition of X-Wing to the 2.0 version! Greatly expanding your power to crush the loathsome resistance!

Resistance Conversion Kit : With this conversion kit you can add any Resistance Ships you might have from the first edition of X-Wing to the 2.0 version! Kindling hope amongst the fledgling resistance!

Mining Guild TIE : It's no secret that the Mining Guild is in league with the Empire and with these modified TIE-fighters they can ensure that profits keep flowing.

RZ-2 A-Wing : Adds the RZ-2 A-Wing fighter to the Resistance! This nimble ship is their primary interceptor and the Resistance's response to the swarms of TIE-fighters out there.

T-70 X-Wing : Of course no game of X-Wing is complete without ... X-Wings! This upgraded model will bolster the ranks of the resistance.

TIE/Fo Fighter : Just like the Empire the First Order follows the motto: The more TIE-Fighters the merrier.



Game of Thrones: The Board Game - Mother of Dragons

This large expansion for GoT: The Board Game adds House Targaryen and House Arryn to the struggle for the Iron Throne. It also includes a sideboard representing the Free Cities, an overlay for the Eyrie and a new vassal mechanic as well as the option to lend from the Iron Bank.



Pandemic: Fall of Rome

The Empire is under attack from the barbarian hordes! Muster the Roman legions and defend your capital! Lest your territory is captured and plundered! Will Rome fall on your watch? Game comes entirely in Dutch.