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On Monday 17/12 at 20:00 we're inviting players to try their hand at a new upcoming card game called 'Steem Monsters'. Participants will receive a free starter deck!


Steem Monsters is a digital card game developed on a Blockchain. This means that every card you get from a booster pack has a unique ID which you own. That way your cards are yours to keep forever just like they would be if they were physical. More importantly: now you can trade them! Something that's not possible in other digital card games.


To play the game you first need to select a Summoner from among 6 classes or splinters (as they are called in Steem Monsters). You then equip that summoner with several monsters. The game is so designed that each monster has a value noting how good they are and the maximum value you can assign a summoner is 25. This is so you can't just build a deck with the most powerful creatures in it and press 'go'.


Summoners and Monsters have abilities which determine the course of the game. In the future they plan to add spells and weapons to further customize your cards. Everything, whether they be weapons, spells, summoners, or monsters can be levelled up to a maximum of 10 power. Obviously it pays to have your cards well levelled.

Mischievous Mermaid

Afterwards you can test your team/deck against other players. Matches are played automatically and the outcome is determined by how well you've built and equipped your team as well as how much care you've taken in reading their individual abilities.


If all that sounds pretty interesting to you then you're in luck because Outpost Antwerp is hosting a special 'Steem Monsters' event on Monday, December 17th.


Participants can try out the game and receive the starter pack for free. The starter pack contains 30 random cards and is valued at about 10 Euro.


We hope to see you there and who knows what the future may bring for Steem Monsters? The cards are out there and somebody may well make another game with them! Exciting times.