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Clash of the Clubs - Announcing the Winners

Two months ago we invited 39 students clubs to participate in a unique promotion. Many of them took up the call (for free gaming & booze) and competed against one another to earn our allegiance. Now we get to see how they did.


Many student clubs have their own favourite hangouts and we wouldn't dream of replacing them. But it never hurts to have a gamecenter like Outpost back you up and sponsor your crew right?


That's the message we sent out to the student clubs of Antwerp (along with, of course, the promise of free booze).


Their interests piqued the various clubs of Antwerp wondered what they had to do to earn the backing of our gamecenter. The answer: play games for free.


And so the frenzied clash of the clubs began ...




Here follows a short summary of our top contestants.


TECHNICA tried to use their inate knowledge of electromechanical engineering to earn themselves a top position. With their tools in hand they made it to 5th place! Although impressive I'm betting they now wish they had designed an even BIGGER death ray in order to win.


Fourth place is shared by both LINGUA and TRANSLATIO. Which is kinda funny how two opposed language majors ended up in the same spot.


ELIGIA which we got to know from our previous article fell from second position to third. I guess they didn't make enough spreadsheets! However they do win themselves a ton of free gaming so: way to go ELIGIA!


Rising to second place and using the power of SCIENCE is NUCLEO. They really, really tried their hardest to rise to the top. Putting in a major effort to secure even more free gaming!


However nothing can beat the power of booze, hookers, and boobies. Which are the founding principles of PHT. They've secured for themselves not only our free gaming perks but several crates of booze as well. Which I suppose ties right into their prime directives ... I guess we shouldn't be surprised.

For the boobieees!So there you have it. The victors of our Clash of the Club promotion are now known to us. We'll contact the preasidium of the various winners as soon as we can so they can be notified of their glorious victories.


Keep an eye on the Outpost Website for more interesting promotions and perhaps we'll see you all next year for Clash of the Clubs – Part II!