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This Update we'll pitch some great movie ideas, assemble glass panes, save New York from crime, and guard against zombies. Because no board game update is complete without zombies!


A Song of Ice and Fire: Night's Watch – Starter Set

This starter set contains everything you need to play as the men of the Night's Watch in A Song of Ice and Fire. John Snow: Check, Big white Direwolf: Check, discarded men of society forced to spend the remainder of their lives guarding a wall against zombies: check!



Arcadia Quest: Riders

In this expansion for Arcadia Quest (Inferno), your heroes get to ride mounts! Not only can you take to the battlefield in style, each mount has a special abilty you can use. Furthermore this expansion adds new heroes and a host of other improvements.




In this hilarious party game you and your friends are writers trying to pitch movie ideas (that you get from cards) to an executive. He then decides which movie idea he likes best, but there's a catch. At any point during your pitch he can add his own 'really bad ideas' that you MUST incorporate into your movie (eg: but what if we make your horror idea a musical?) Can you adapt fast enough to reel in the movie deals?

Award Season : Adds 'awards' which allocate points to people when at the end of the game certain criteria are met (eg. Movie with the nicest gift basket).

Creature Feature : This adds gory and suspenseful characters and plots to your pitches.

Date Night : Make your pitches more romantic with these pitch cards!

NC-17 Expansion : Do you like being inappropriate? Of course you do! And now with these cards you can!



Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra

Azul is a game that makes stained glass paintings fun. Check out our original Azul review [here].




Save New York City as part-time superheroes. Catch crooks and twart evil plans while maintaining a healthy social life. Who said being a superhero is easy?



Tiny Epic Zombies Deluxe

Imagine you're out for a day of shopping when suddenly: zombies! It's a shopper's worst nightmare! Can you survive with your hide (and epic deals) intact or will you join the legion of undead?