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Prepare your decks as this weekend, December 7-9th, we're holding some pretty cool events in honor of the latest Magic set: Ultimate Masters.


Ultimate Masters is a new 254 card set featuring some of the most beloved cards from Magic's history. Although some of them have changed rarity or artwork we can be sure that none have lost their potency!


The underlying theme of Ultimate Masters is the graveyard (Which is why Liliana of the Veil is so prominent in the artwork!) Each color will have one or more cards that affect the graveyard in some way, providing ways to 'delve', 'flashback' or 'dredge'.


Additionally we'll see the return of the 'Heroic' keyword, as well as 'Aura' and 'Madness'.


Because we love new card sets (and the power that they bring) Outposts Ghent and Antwerp are each holding release events starting on Friday during the Friday Night Magic and continuing all through the weekend.


Friday, December 7th


Saturday, December 8th


Sunday, December 9th



*Note: the Draft on Sunday in Outpost Ghent will be held after the "Belgian Legacy Cup Last Chance Qualifier" which runs on the same day.


We hope to see you during our events! Good luck and draft well!