Tsuro: Phoenix rising
Escape plan
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In this edition of our Board Game Update you survive perilous lands and haunted houses while you hunt for knowledge and create the loveliest settlements.




Everdell is a hidden, possibly magical valley filled with sentient, talking critters. They have lived in their little towns and burrows for quite some time but now they feel it's time to expand. That's where the players come in. It's your job to build the loveliest, most thriving city before winter comes. Expect it to be an adventure!



The River (FR/NL)

If you can't have enough of building settlements then check out 'The River'. Sure you're not cutesy, talking critters anymore, but you're still attempting to create the most impressive town. Furthermore this game comes in both Dutch and French.



Exploding Kittens: Streaking Kittens

In this small expansion to the exploding kittens game we are faced with a truly NSFW theme: Naked Kittens! How dare they leave their little coats and trousers behind, so unruly!

Contains 15 new cards and the 'Streaking Kitten' which allows you to hold an exploding kitten without it exploding.



KeyForge: Call of the Archons - Archon Deck

If you haven't heard about Keyforge by now then where have you been? Go read up on it at once!

This product consists of one randomly generated Keyforge deck that you can use to crush your opponents!



Keyforge: Call of the Archons – Starter Set

The starter set for Keyforge contains everything you need to start playing. Including 4 decks (of which two are randomly generated) and the coveted game pieces required for play.

If you don't know what Keyforge is: see the above article!



Discover: Lands Unknown

In this game you play out the plot of 'Lost' in that you are stranded on a mysterious island filled with challenges, enemies, and choices. Will you cooperate or save yourself before all others?

Furthermore 'Discover' shares some design ideas with Keyforge in that each box of game components is unique from any other box. Meaning that two people who own 'Discover' will have different enemies and challenges to overcome.



Pandemic 10th Anniversary Edition

This edition plays exactly like a regular game of Pandemic, except you're saving the world with style! The metal case (reminiscent of ye olde med kits) contains upgraded tokens in wood and plastic, and even includes petri dishes for that extra science-y feel. This game is entirely in Dutch.



Village Attacks

In this castle defense game you're a monster of legend (akin to Dracula or the like) and together with your monster friends you've taken up residence in an old fortress (It sounds a lot like the setting for "Hotel Transylvania"). However the local village and heroes have had enough of you and are now laying siege to your home! Can you survive the onslaught of do-gooders?

If you like the game, perhaps take a look at the many expansions we have for it!



Betrayal Legacy

If you love Betrayal at House on the Hill (like I do) you're going to be so psyched for this. The legacy version of Betrayal now includes an encompassing narrative that bridges individual sessions of Betrayal where surviving players or their descendants may show up in future games as well as carry important items (called heirlooms) from game to game. Maybe finally we'll know just WHY people keep coming back to this dreaded (and deadly) place.