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Clash of the Clubs: The Interim Score

Our Clash of the Clubs promotion has reached its halfway point. As the struggle to obtain our sponsorship intensifies it might be interesting to see where everyone stands on the ladder to success.


A month has passed and many students, their friends, and pets (including at one point a very hungry hippo) have come to our gamecenters in an effort to obtain points for their club and win some epic perks. However if all this sounds new to you then lets recap the promotion one more time:


1# All students, be they part of a club or not, will be able to enjoy one full hour of free gaming every single day throughout October and November in either Antwerp or Ghent. You will need to prove it though by showing us your student card.



2# Every student who IS part of a club (or wants to champion one) will, upon recieving their daily hour of gaming, earn a point for their respective club. No need to prove you're part of a club. You may convince as many of your student friends why they should promote yours!



3# People in possession of a Student Club Membership Card are more than welcome to vote when they visit Outpost, however if they aren't students anymore they do not receive a free hour of gaming!



4# At the end of November: the top 3 clubs will win some amazing Outpost sponsoring!


Now that we're all caught up let's talk scores!


These are our top 10 participating clubs (in no particular order):


EligiaTranslatioNucleoTechnicaBovis Grafika
KlioLinguaPHTDe RodenbachsVada


Among these ten we've singled out our top 3, these are:



Born from the Arts this club prides itself on its three pillars: Beer, Hookers, and Boobies. As long as that foundation remains strong they feel they can conquer anything. They can regularly be found making mischief at café 'The Barbier'.


Is the student club you go to when you're into commerce and company management. Be wary of these guys, they're probably using the awesome power of spreadsheets in order to rise to victory! And when they're not making spreadsheets they can usually be found at "T'Vervolg".


Is a collection of enthousiasts from the various science departments around Antwerp. They might be the most fearsome contestants as they utilise the power of SCIENCE to eke out a victory. Between (evil?) experiments they can be found at "The Schacht".


As you can see these three clubs each have their own strengths when it comes to participating in our Clash of the Clubs. Will the power of SCIENCE beat that of spreadsheets? Or will hookers trump all? We can't wait to find out!


However if you're not in the top 3 then there is still hope. Channel the awesome might of your own club and rise up to the challenge! The scores are still very close and anything is still possible. If you really want to win, that is!


And let's not forget that we've recently uploaded several new games to play for free when you come visit us. These include Fifa 2019, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Pathfinder: Kingmaker, and MTG: Arena.


With exams still a distance away now is the perfect time to come to Outpost and champion your chosen club!To WAR!