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Outpost Hearthstone Cup: Wrap-Up

Have a cookie as we recap the events that took place on October 27th when we held the very first Hearthstone Cup in Outpost Ghent!


Considering we're doing a recap of Hearthstone I'd like to place our setting on a cold winter day, with everyone drinking hot cocoa around a cosy fireplace ...


Sadly we're in the midst of fall, the weather is quite agreeable, and we do not have a hearth (or hot cocoa). So there goes that image!


Nevertheless our Hearthstone Cup, which took place on October 27th in Outpost Ghent lured many intrepid card-battle teams (such as SectorOne, Corax, & Q-byte) to our tables.


The team we want to focus on however is the one comprising of 'Ruttie', 'Spojp', 'PrimeDelta', and 'Tyrealxy'. For they form the super-awesome-mega-fantastic Antwerp Legends team (shameless plug). With their mighty decks in hand they proceeded to give their adversaries the pounding they deserved!

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Sailor Moon

Here is a short recounting of their epic tale (You can find deck lists and more info here). Imagine it being told by the sweet dulcet tones of an Orc Bard (which we couldn't afford).


* Tyrealxy was the first to fall in battle. In the end his trusty "Topsy-Turvy priest", "AggroLock" and "Let's put every legendary I can think of into Big Spell Mage" did not save him.


Our other three Antwerpian Valkyries made it to the top 8! This is how their respective matches went (in order):


* PrimeDelta was the next to stumble on the road to victory. He got KO-d by the dreaded Shudderwock. It's ok PrimeDelta, we've all been at the mercy of Shudderwock at one point in our lives.

* 'Ruttie' and 'Spojp' had to battle against one another in the next match. With 'Ruttie' completely MURDERING 'Spojp' with a 3-0 knockout. So far for camaraderie among teammates, geeze!

* 'Ruttie', being the last teammate standing, made it to the finals. One more opponent stood in the way of total and complete victory!

Round Overview

Sadly that opponent was Kleenex and he wiped the floor with our brave hero ...


Alas so ends our tragic tale, which wasn't actually that tragic as 'Ruttie' still went home with a 100 Euro cash prize.


We consider our first Hearthstone cup to be a success and we can't wait to host and report on the next one!

Lastly, since we're on the subject of sad epic tales, have you ever heard about the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?