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November Sales Promotions

Whether you're trying to speak subtly or violently murder a group of aristocrats Outpost has you covered with our new November sales!



Crosstalk: The Party Game of Subtle Conversation

(Then: 29.99 Now: 23.99)

They say subtlety is becoming a lost art. Now you can prove your skills with a game of Crosstalk!SubtletyTwo teams will have to guess a secret keyword by listening closely to their cluegiver. That cluegiver must employ just the right amount of subtlety so their team guesses correctly, but the other team (who will be listening) doesn't.




Masque of the Red Death Kickstarter Exclusive Deluxe Edition

(Then: 59.99 Now: 47.99)

This game is based on a story by Edgar Allen Poe. At a grand ball you'll have to curry favour with the Prince and achieve the highest social standing.The Red DeathHowever a murderer known only as 'The Red Death' will strike at midnight. Killing everyone standing in certain rooms. You'll have to balance your social standing with figuring out where the killer will strike. Fame will not help you when you're dead.





(Then: 29.99 Now: 23.99)

Halloween might be over, but that doesn't mean we can't spread some Gloom! A storytelling-game where the 'normal' rules of play are reversed.Glorious RainYou try to make a family of misfits as miserable as possible while your opponents try and make them as happy as possible ... before untimely death strikes! Confused? We understand, that's why we wrote a review of the game several years ago.